A list of the leading providers of motorhomes in France

A list of the leading providers of motorhomes in France

Planet Holidays: 50 agencies throughout France.

Avis Car Away: rental service dedicated to motorhomes eponymous passenger vehicle hire.

Motorhomerent: 32 rental locations across France.

Hertz (Three Suns): the subsidiary company renting motorhomes of the eponymous passenger vehicle rental company.

Blurent: 15 rental centers in France.

Ypocamp: Group offers sales of motorhomes but also rent starting with 29 branches in France.

France Escape well established in Britain but company offering rental services in over 20 cities in France.

The rental motorhome abroad

Motorhome Online: subsidiary of Avis Car Away offers rental motorhome worldwide

Motorhome Travel: over 300 campers for rent throughout France.

Motorhome hire France: 119 motorhomes available for hire in France.

Contactngo 128 motorhomes for rent.

Direct Camper: This company connects individuals and offers them professional insurance.

The different types of motorhomes: The Nasturtium

The nasturtium is recognizable by his bed perched above the cab, nasturtium offers more roominess and comfort than a van.

Sleeping: 4 to 7 people.
Price for new purchase: between 34 000 and 55 000 euros
Price for rent: 1000 euros (based on a model for 4 adults, 1 week in August, unlimited mileage)

The benefits of the Capuchin: the passengers have more space and improved interior. The compromise habitability/size of the motorhome (thanks to bunk) is optimal.

The disadvantages of the Capuchin: the look, accentuated by windage berth in height results in a surplus of fuel consumption of about 1.5 liters per 100 km and reduces road performance.

Recommended use

For a couple with one or two children. For four people staying over the night of habitability is the big advantage of the nasturtium.

The profile

Based on the same basis as nasturtium, this model has been reduced: it loses the bunk above the cab. Its more aerodynamic and the wind is reduced, favorable fuel consumption.

Sleeping space: 2 to 4 people.
Price for new purchase: between 35 000 and 60 000 euros
Price for rent: 900 euros (based on a model for 4 adults, 1 week in August, unlimited mileage)
The benefits: comfort, night reception capacity, look, aerodynamics
The cons: habitability is a day equivalent to nasturtiums but the outer length is greater, long cantilever rear penalizing driving, handling the delicate conduct.

Recommended use: The profile is intended for a couple without or with only one child.

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